Eco / Green / Earth Friendly

We only use

  • Hard wood frames
  • Jute Webbing 
  • Cotton
  • Hemp spring twine

​Special Order

  • Latex
  • Soy Bean Foam

Let us help you make your home something to remember and talk about. We are capable of so much more than just recovering your sofas, loveseat, ottomans, etc.. we can upholster your interior walls or the inside of a china cabinet to give it a more unique look. Maybe you have something creative you'd like to try or need help being creative we can help with that. We had a client that wanted her old Louis Vuitton purse upholstered on the fronts of her china cabinet drawers.

Restoration Services

  • Re-Web saggy furniture webbing
  • Re-tie seat springs using eight way hand ties
  • Replace failed burlap
  • Replace broken springs​
  • Re-glue loss furniture joints

For more ideas check out some pictures of our work

Examples of creative idea

Here is a picture of a China cabinet drawer we upholstered with a clients old Louis Vuitton purse and trimmed it with brass nails for decoration.

Customize Services

  • Restyle your existing furniture
  • Replace your Cushions
  • Raise or Lower the height of your furniture
  • Add or remove furniture legs
  • add or remove casters / wheels
  • Add or remove a swivel to your chair

Delray Upholstery Company

Upholstery Services

  • Design and build Headboard
  • Build new furniture to customer's specific size needs
  • Copy furniture from any pictures
  • Customize any furniture
  • Upholster walls
  • Recover existing Furniture